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Posted in: Uncategorized on Sunday, August 7th, 2016

In April Dhammacharis Padmaviar and Dhammasen visited Umarkot in Odissa for the celebrations of Dr. Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary on 14th April. Their programme was organized by Sharat Panigari, an activist working with a local NGO. He had organised a march through Umarkot for three kilometres to the statue of Dr. Ambedkar, where they paid their respects and expressed their gratitude by garlanding the statue and chanting the Pali puja. After this the main programme took place. Dh. Padmavir gave a talk on “The Ideal of Dhammarajya”, and ideal reignited by Dr Ambedkar. Dh. Dhammasen gave a talk on “The Five Precepts”.
After the programme lunch was donated for all the participants by Sharat Panigrai.
Local people march with Dhs Padmavir and Dhammasen
Local people march with Dhs Padmavir and Dhammasen


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