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Alumni Development Workshop Led by Manjula Pradeep: 21-23 March 2017.

Posted in: Nagaloka News on Thursday, March 30th, 2017

The workshop was aimed at Alumni of Nagaloka who are active in running some Social Projects or dhamma activities or those who were willing to learn how to run the Project. The workshop was led by Manjula Pradeep, a well known female Activist from Navsarjan Trust, Ahmedabad.  The day started with Orientation session followed by  Interviews of our Alumni talking about their live stories and their work. It was very moving story to hear young man and women sharing their lives growing up as Dalits and later on coming in contact with dharma through Nagaloka and how it changes their lives and uplifts and encourages them to engage with society in some ways and work for dharma or aspire for higher education to serve the society.

The workshop was more interactive in its method in which Manjula Pradeep shared her experience of working with Atrocity cases and women empowerment and explained how dharma could bring about peaceful revolution in Indian society followed by the group presentations on the socio-economic and political issue facing the present day Dalit and Tribals and Womens across India.  Among the most pressing issues were unemployment, caste based discriminations, atrocity against womens, large scale migrations due to mining corporations in central India such as Chattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand, etc. The issue of Naxalism was very prominent and real for many of the alumni coming from Bastar and other districts of Chhattisgarh.  there is also pressing political tension created against the dalits, tribals and Muslims from right wing Hindu Politics

The Presentation done by Alumni brought to home that there is so much that can be done but there needs to be some short of Training of Alumni in order to help the plan the activities, run the project and document the activities which becomes the basis of getting funds to continue the Project work. Manjula Pradeep also spoke about the Social Entrepreneurship to support the social activism to reduce the reliance on external funds. She also explained the role of donors and kind of activities they are likely to support. She paid special emphasis on documentation which is the basis of successful fundraising strategy. She pointed out the need for creating a Project Profiles of alumnis that are currently active in various states. Later on Manjula Pradeep explained the importance of having Dhamma Sevak or All India Network of Activist which becomes the basis of peaceful revolution brought about by the transformative power of dhamma. The workshop ended with the Action plan for the Alumni Network to collaborate with like minded organisations and need for further training and the list of skill set needed for to enable Alumni to empower them to work with society at large.


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