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Buddha Jayanti Celebration on 10th May, 2017.

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The Buddha Jayanti  is perhaps the most important festival for the Buddhist world. This day marks the Buddha’s gaining of enlightenment as well as his birth and passing away according to Theravada tradition.

As a part of this celebration Nagaloka organized  a one day retreat together with some 125 Mitras and friends of the Triratna Nagpur. Dhammachari Amoghasidhi gave a talk on the victory over Mara and Buddha’s gaining of enlightenment. There was special puja and meditation conducted on this occasion, as part of celebration some 27 people got ordain as Dhammamitra, the ceremony was led by Dhammachari Pragyaratna.


50th Anniversary of Triratna Community April 2017

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The Triratna Buddhist community was formed on 7th April in London, UK.  The year 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Triratna Community. Triratna Community in India is part of this larger world wide Buddhist spiritual community.

As part of this celebration, Nagaloka, which is one of the most active Centre not only in Nagpur but also in India celebrated this event together with more then 100 Order Members from. Vidarbha Region and Nagpur. The one Order gathering looked at Past, Present and the Future of the Triratna Community in India. Dhammachari Vivekaratna spoke about the origin of the Triratna activities in the Vidarbha, where as Kamalshree reflected on the contemporary situation of the order followed by thoughtful reflection on the future of Triratna community in India by Dhammachari Nagaketu.


Firefly Mission Visit 15-17 March 2017

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Firefly Mission is an charity based organization aimed to supporting the education and health Projects in Asia. The members of the organization Mrs Shu Yin, Mr. Marc and Mr.Jon paid a visit to Nagaloka to better understand the situation of alumni work in order for them to access and fund some of the Alumni Project.

As part of their visit, we had series of meetings which talked about the Nagaloka and its vision and Nagaloka Alumni work.  We also arranged a meeting with senior students in campus and visit to Women’s Centre in Nagpur as well as some Kindergarten project to show our work.



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This workshop was held on 15th July 2017 at Nagaloka. Its purpose was to encourage the development of youth leadership and to enhance the trainee’s skills and develop their capacities. The workshop was facilitated by Dh.Tejdarshan. There were 161 participantst, 90 women and 71 men. Dh.Tejdharshan spoke on these points:

  • We must regard ourselves as, and truly become a responsible person in society
  • We have the capacity to work hard and realize our potential
  • Take every opportunity as a challenge to act skilfully
  • Many times we are in difficulties to think straight and select a right way
  • A good practitioner can become a good activist

All the trainees were inspired by this talk and they decided to attend such workshops as often as possible.


Alumni General Council Meeting at Nagaloka, 6th & 7th July 2017

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Nagaloka Alumni Association is in the process of solidification. Members of the General council who consist of the most active alumni with the broader Nagaloka alumni association forms the heart of the association and makes important decision for the continuity and the future of the association.

This three days gathering focused on the discussion and presentation on the vision, mission, challenges, opportunity of the Nagaloka Alumni Association. The conference ended with planning sessions for the next Alumni Conference which is scheduled to happened on 5th-9th November, 2017.  The general council together with Lokamitra made selection of some  8-10 Alumni to meet regularly and discuss the future plan of Alumni Association for next four months till the Annual Conference in November.

Organiser’s team also called for  a meeting with  member of the GFR team which included Amoghasidhi and Amrutdeep who shared their thoughts about the Going for refuge process and how to become a part of it. Representatives from National Network of Buddhist Youth (NNBY) shared their success story since the beginning of NNBY.  The Buddha festival team which included Ritayush and Mr. Talware  shared their vision, goal and importance of Buddha festival. Such meetings were cold forth specially to show the solidarity and sharing the experience and enhancing the capacity of Nagaloka Association for their further training and field work.





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An Alumni General Council was held from 3rd to 5th July 2017 at Nagaloka. Its purpose was to strengthen and clarify the vision of the Alumni. It was facilitated by Dh.Lokamitra and Dh.Maitreyanath. There were 28 participants . The points communicated in that meeting were the need to plan the strategy and criteria for the coming five years so that strong NTI alumni would develop. Everyone was engaged in formulating the strategy and suggesting how the NTI’s alumni could go from strength to strength. One point was clear, that to train human resources effectively then this Movement needs to train activists and create conditions for them to sustain themselves.



16Th NTI Batch Inauguration Ceremony, July 2017

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It is always a joyous experience to witness the opening of the new batch of trainees at the Nagarjuna Training institute.  The 120 Boys and girls from over 15 states came to participate in Dhammasekhiya Course and BA Program.

The opening ceremony was presided by Dhammachari Lokamitra, the C.I Thool, President of SC, ST Commission of Maharashtra formally inaugurated the new Batch of trainees. The chief guest Sanjay Gosavi (Director of Pyramid City, Nagpur) and Dhananjay Wanjari (Deputy Commissioner of Income Text Department, Nagpur) gave an inspiring speech to motivate and welcome the NTI students.