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14th April Celebration: Dr. Ambedkar 126th Birth Anniversary celebration

Posted in: Nagaloka News on Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Nagaloka together with the Nagpur Buddhist Centre celebrated the 126th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar. As part of celebration a peace walk was organized from the Savidhan Chawk to Dr. Ambedkar’s statue near Reserve Bank in Nagpur.  The whole of Triratna community in Nagpur came together in large number to celebrate this event. The event culminated with the Dhammachari Lokamitra’s public talk in Nagpur Vidarbha HallLokamitra spoke about the importance importance of spirutual community and working together in harmony as sangha. He also went into the history and development of the Triratna movement recount his experiences of early days.



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