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Retreat on “Group, Individual and spiritual community” June 24th to July 1st 2017

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Dhammachari Lokamitra led a retreat on the ” Group, Individual and spiritual community” for the benefit of the Nagaloka alumni’s at Nagaloka campus. There were some  28 Nagaloka Alumnis from different states.  The retreat was part of the efforts to ground the selected active alumni to train them further in dhamma and prepare the ground for further strengthening the core alumni into practice.

The day started with morning meditation followed by talk by Dhammachari Lokamitra and group discussion and question answer session. The afternoon session consisted of meditation, work period and finally evening puja.

The series of talks explored the theme of  characteristics of group, Individual, evolution lower and higher, the importance of spiritual community, etc. The discussion as well as the main talks also explored Dr. Ambedkar’s on individual, caste as group.



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