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Posted in: Nagaloka News on Thursday, March 15th, 2018

The Asoka Dhammadhoota retreat was held on 15th to 23rd March 2017 at Nagaloka for NTI Alumni. The purpose of the workshop to train the Alumni’s to spread the Dhamma work in their areas. There were around 19 Alumni participating and there were 6 clusters from 5 states. From each state, there were 3 Alumni attending the retreat-like; from Kerala, there were 3 Alumni, from Odisha there were 3 Alumni, Uttarpradesh 3 Alumni, Rajasthan 3 Alumni, Karnataka 3 Alumni, Gulbarga (Uttarpradesh) 3 Alumni.  The retreat was led by Vivekratna and facilitated by Upaya Raja & Maitreyanath. On this occasion, Vivekratna gave a talk on the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha in which he has elaborated what is the meaning of these three jewels and how it to be implemented in regional places through every cluster for coming 6 months. And also he has given a talk on several topics which was helpful to create a structure or system for three months training in order to;

  • Chanting, Practice of Meditation followed by the lecture on Dr. Ambedkar brief life story and his conversion to Buddhism.
  • Why conversion to Buddhism & importance of Buddhism in our Life.
  • The difference between Margadata and Mokshadata.
  • The lecture on what are Dharma & five precepts and how to practice in day to day life.
  • The lecture on what are Sangha and the group versus spiritual community based on Fraternity and Harmony.

After his talk Dh. Maitriyanath has given a talk on Ambedkar’s 22 vows in which he explained about the meaning of the vows and the importance of 22 vows to our life. Every day in the afternoon session they have practiced all the Buddhist ceremonies by Alumni those who are going to be working in their region such as; the celebration of the Buddhist festivals like, the Buddha Jayanti, Dhammachakra Pravartana day and the Sangha day as well as birth, marriage ceremonies etc. In that retreat, every Alumni got a tremendous experience of the Dhammadhoota work and they inspired to work in their region.


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