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Posted in: Nagaloka News on Saturday, March 24th, 2018

A workshop is a flexible environment in which training, different kinds of activities, work and learning take place. The main purpose of a workshop is to train teacher through teaching. By a workshop, we can mean both the physical operating environment or a diverse method of training. Workshops support participants’ personal growth, social empowerment, active participation, and work skills through collective instruction with an emphasis on practical work. Methods used include work training and personal and group training. So the workshop was held at Nagaloka on 24th March 2017. The purpose of the workshop to train the teachers to implement the subject knowledge/content through various teaching methodology for students learning inspirationally. There were 8 teachers participating.

On that workshop, Dhivya has introduced about the topic of the workshop in which was easy for everyone to understand. And then everyone requested to share their challenges and how they are facing it. After all the teachers shared their difficulties Dhivya has presented a presentation in which was a tremendous explanation of the teaching methodology and it was very useful. At last everyone have reported about their experiences of the workshop which helped them to make a creative lesson plan, preparation, and refreshment.



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