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Full moon Day: 29th May 2018

Posted in: Nagaloka News on Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

A full moon night Pooja was held at Nagaloka to celebrate monthly Buddhist rituals. The Pooja was led by Dhamma Naga and Rantanishta and was attended by 146 people. During the event, discussions were held about Ambedkar’s inspiration, life story, life struggles, social movements, and the struggle to become an ideal. We remembered that every common man can achieve his goal, no matter their current situation. Dhamma Naga was a great inspiration to the people, telling Ambedkar’s story in a motivating way. From this event came future plans for more talks on Ambedkar, and future whole-day full moon events to help grow Buddhist culture on campus.


An Organization Development Workshop: 22nd 23rd May 2018

Posted in: Nagaloka News on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

A workshop on the development of organizations was held today at Nagaloka. Its goal was to teach the fundamentals of social organizations and how to improve them to achieve the greatest impact. It was led by Manjula Pradeep, and was attended by 10 Nagaloka teachers. The workshop focused on the idea that at the heart of every social organization is the importance of seeing humans as humans, and that every human personality is valuable. They discussed different aspects of social organizations, such as the life cycle of an organization and the importance of democracy in social organizations. The workshop led to a better understanding of the weaknesses and strengths of Nagaloka, and created a foundation for future quarterly workshops.


The Meditation Retreat on 18th to 22nd May 2018: Tamilnadu

Posted in: Nagaloka News on Friday, May 18th, 2018

The meditation retreat was held in Ariyalur district, Tamilnadu. it was conducted by NTI Alumni team from all over the district in Tamilnadu and led by Dhammachari Nagamitra. There were around 48 people participated. on that retreat, Nagamitra gave the talk about different topics related to Buddhism & Ambedkar thought. He also has spoken about “Dr Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism & his thought liberty, Equality, and Fraternity”. There was given enough time to the discussion in a small group lead by NTI Alumni. There was one person from the USA participated in that retreat. People also engaged in asking the question and participating in the retreat.



Posted in: Nagaloka News on Saturday, May 5th, 2018

The order members held a teachers team meeting today at Nagaloka to discuss the teaching methodologies and skill of Nagaloka’s teachers. The meeting was held by all nine order members, and was led by Principal Dr. D.C. Maiske and Nagadeep, and featured discussion on the upcoming semester timetable, the issue of student tardiness, how to interact with students outside the classroom, new education strategies, increasing the support of faculties, and new teaching evaluation methods. The meeting helped overcome feelings of not being supported, and brought team spirit to the order members. There also came an understanding that there are still difficulties that must be overcome, but with support anything is possible.