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Failure of Ambedkarite Organizations in Modern era: 9th 10th June 2018

Posted in: Nagaloka News on Saturday, June 9th, 2018

A workshop was held at Nagaloka focusing on the ways in which Ambedkarite organizations have failed to be effective in the modern era. The goal of the workshop was to educate Ambedkarite organization activists on how to strengthen their organizations. It was led by Dr. D.C. Maiske, principal of Nagaloka, and was attended by 28 people. During the workshop, a discussion was held to help Ambedkarite activists analyze the weaknesses within their organizations and plan to develop and strengthen them for the future. They were taught how to gather Ambedkarite activists from local areas and studied the ways Ambedkarite organizations failed in the past in order to avoid those mistakes. With this workshop came the realization that it takes teamwork to find and address weaknesses within an organization, and a plan to create future workshops for the three generations (past, present, and future).


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