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A Workshop with Teachers; 1st & 2nd September- 2018

Posted in: Nagaloka News on Saturday, September 1st, 2018

It was the workshop conducted by Dhivya Ethiraj. According to my observations of classrooms, interactions with both teachers and students, there was something missing in delivering content. No connection seems to me there are good relations between teachers to teachers and teachers to students. I found there was a teacher coming late and delaying deliver the lectures, sometimes seems absentees more of the teachers. Apart from that, there were not students interested in showing in their studies and own preparing for their subjects according to them. They seemed to be writing and talking orally the subjects, but not knowing or deeper understanding about. It was entirely like rote learning even the subjects of Buddhist studies and Ambedkar thought which supposed to be learned with knowledge. I found from the student’s interactions there is no opportunity to make own choice to study and find out different study materials for/by the students.

Accordingly,  the workshop was based on:-

  1. What is the current environment receptive while teaching?
  2. How do students learn all subjects?
  3. What is planning a lesson in holistic?
  4. What are the students’ choice and good atmosphere in the classroom?

So this was a prior effort of the workshop, was initially done, which put a sturdy base for the teachers on learning, planning and visualizing classes. Regarding this, I had a discussion with the teachers and team to decide on a two-day workshop.





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