A New Sangha

A New SanghaThe Trustees and staff of Nagaloka Centre are associated with the Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha, the Indian wing of the international Triratna Buddhist Community. This new Buddhist movement was founded in 1967 by Urgyen Sangharakshita, an English Buddhist who lived in India from 1944 to 1964. During this time he became well known and appreciated by Dr. Ambedkar. After the latter’s death he did what he could to help the new Buddhist movement in India to survive and grow.

The Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha has meditation and Dhamma study centers in many Indian states, and has been in contact with hundreds of thousands of people through retreats, classes and public programmes. The movement is guided by ordained members of the Triratna Bauddha Sangha.

The essence of Buddhism is timeless and universal, but the forms it takes always adapt according to context. The Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha is dedicated to communicating Buddhist truths in ways appropriate to the modern world.