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The Kalamasutta Retreat; 5th to 10th November 2018

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The Kalamasutta retreat was held at Nagaloka on 5th to 1oth November 2019. The purpose of the retreat was to make people realize their own responsibility and how it’s to be taken during the day to day life. Accordingly Dh. Vivekratna has the responsibility to lead the retreat. There was a supportive team to make the people motivated in learning such as; Nagamitra, Pragyaratna, Suvirya, Varadamma, Sheelvardan, Nithyashree, Rekha, Sushant & Rekha. These people were taking different responsibilities to make this retreat fruitful. There were around 400 people from both the Nagaloka and the general public. Where they enjoyed and learned about the life and responsibility of life.

Accordingly Dh. Vivekratna has given different many tasks to follow during the retreat-like, group discussion, lecture, and presentation so that people can understand everything easily and also benefitting from the retreat. It was taken a very good place and helped people to get more knowledge about Kalamasutta



Women Workshop on Motivation Towards Team Work; 29th & 30th September 2018.

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In this workshop, we discussed the teamwork and how it should be practiced in any an organization, institution and others. The motive of the workshop was to develop self-confidence and work together. First of all, we got an exercise to listen to each of us and share our personal thoughts about teamwork9. Then we studied some article related teamwork where we discussed Teamwork involved building relationships and working with other people using a number of important skills and habits.

We did some presentations after had a good discussion in the group. In that presentation each group presented in different skills like;

  • Working cooperatively
  • Contributing to groups with ideas, suggestions, and effort
  • Communication (both giving and receiving)
  • Sense of responsibility
  • A healthy respect for differing opinions, customs, and individual preferences
  • Ability to participate in group decision-making.

We had some activity related to teamwork. And the purpose of this activity is to enrich participants’ understanding of what it means to be part of a team and why being a good team player is important for work success.

Apart from that, we focused on women as a leader and how to develop leadership skills. We all 19 women have participated proactively. All the women were attending this workshop with much interest. They supported each other and helped to facilitate to make this workshop energetically.


The Mitra Day Celebration: 9th September 2018

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The Mitra day was celebrated at Nagaloka on 9th September 2018.  To develop the spiritual life and friendship among Mitra’s.  it was initiated by Dh. Nagamitra and led by Dh. Maityridas along with Jambudip. There were around 40 people on that day. On this occasion, Maitridas gave a talk about how to develop spirituality and the importance of the going for refuge. Apart from that, he talked some more about in order to;

  • Development of the spirituality
  • Going for refuge
  • Develop the mental ability and how Dr. B. R. Ambedkar contributed to the society

And they had a group discussion on the above talks which gave more knowledge and understanding about the importance of the Mitra day and going for refuge.


The Family Retreat on Cultural, Mind, & Liberation at Nagaloka: 6th & 9th September 2018

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The family retreat was held at Nagaloka on 6th & 9th September 2018.  The purpose of the workshop was to impart Buddhism everywhere and people can practice it in their family. The exact task to conduct this workshop is to make people understand Buddhism in cultural, mental, and liberation which is most valuable to every human beings. There were around 75 from several states. The lecturer was Prof. Maitriveer Nagarjuna and he talked about, how Buddhism practiced and influenced by these three such cultural, Mind, and Liberation.  He also talked about how its three effects to one human being. People were stayed along with their entire family and attended this workshop. They all had the very good discussion.


A Workshop with Teachers; 1st & 2nd September- 2018

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It was the workshop conducted by Dhivya Ethiraj. According to my observations of classrooms, interactions with both teachers and students, there was something missing in delivering content. No connection seems to me there are good relations between teachers to teachers and teachers to students. I found there was a teacher coming late and delaying deliver the lectures, sometimes seems absentees more of the teachers. Apart from that, there were not students interested in showing in their studies and own preparing for their subjects according to them. They seemed to be writing and talking orally the subjects, but not knowing or deeper understanding about. It was entirely like rote learning even the subjects of Buddhist studies and Ambedkar thought which supposed to be learned with knowledge. I found from the student’s interactions there is no opportunity to make own choice to study and find out different study materials for/by the students.

Accordingly,  the workshop was based on:-

  1. What is the current environment receptive while teaching?
  2. How do students learn all subjects?
  3. What is planning a lesson in holistic?
  4. What are the students’ choice and good atmosphere in the classroom?

So this was a prior effort of the workshop, was initially done, which put a sturdy base for the teachers on learning, planning and visualizing classes. Regarding this, I had a discussion with the teachers and team to decide on a two-day workshop.





Birthday Celebration of Bhante Sangharakshita’s: 26th August 2018

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The Birthday celebrated of Bhante Urgen Sangharakshita’s at Nagaloka on 26th August 2018. The purpose of the celebration was to gratitude love to our guru. It was initiated by Dh. Manidhamma. And led by Nagadeep & Nithyashree. There were around 200 people at this celebration. On this occasion, Manidhamma gave an inspirational talk about Bhante Sangharakshita and his contribution to the society. In his talk he mentioned many points of Bhante’s in order to; he spoke how Bhante Sangharakshita created the TBMSG and worked at society to spread Buddhism everywhere.


The workshop on Buddha and Karl Marx: 21st & 22nd August 2018

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The two-day workshop was held in Nagaloka on 21st & 22nd August 2018. The purpose of the workshop was to impart the knowledge of Buddha and Karl marks to develop academically in India. It was facilitated by Prof. Bodhi from TISS and Prof. Mangesh Dahiwale from Nagaloka.  There were around 20 participants in that workshop, they all came from several universities. On that occasion, Prof. Bodhi gave a talk on Buddha and Karl Marx’s views of Buddhism. And he talked about how they both preached Buddhism to society.



The Independance Day Programme: 15th August 2018

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The programme was held at Nagaloka on 15th August to celebrate the Independence day and make realizes every student about the value of the independence day. There were around 200 people attended this programme. Its led by Dh. Tejdarshan & Dh. Mairtiyanath along with Prof. Maiske, Nagamitra, Nithyashree, Nagadeep, Lamghare, and Govande etc. on this programme the main points was talked by Prof. Maiske and others in order to;

  • The importance of the independence to the human being.
  • The Constitution
  • Ambedkar’s views on freedom

It was quite motivational to the students and students seems very motivated and sincere in this programme.



The Mitra Day Celebration at Nagaloka: 12th August 2018

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The mitra day celebration has been celebrating since a long year ago.  Through this celebration, experienced people motivate to the young people and new dhamma Mitra’s to get inspiration to practice the precepts.  In today’s 12th August 2018 celebration Dh. Maitriyanth gave a talk on the going for refuge where around 150 participants were there.  Female 90 and male 60 were there. He talked about a few important points regarding Dhammamitra’s in order to;

  • Importance of Dhamma for Mitras
  • How to follow “Panchasheel”
  • How going for refuge is most important in Mitra’s life.
  • How do Buddhist practice the Dhamma?

People responded very positively how did they benefit from this celebration. They gave a very productive feedback to continue this celebration all the time.



The Meditation Retreat: 5th August 2018

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The meditation retreat was held at Nagaloka from 5th to 11th August 2018 for new students. The purpose of the retreat was to make understand or train basic mediation for the new batch. It was lead by Dh. Tejdarshan along with other Dhammachari/charini’s Padmaveer, Nagamitra, Maitrichitta,  Amitmati, & Nityashree. There were around 90, female 85 male, total 175 participate. On this retreat Tejdarshan gave a talk on meditation and in his talk he spoke about the meditation in very details those;

  • Importance of the Meditation
  • Types of the meditation
  • About five hindrances
  • How to recover of our five hindrances

Apart from this, he trained the new students the sitting postures, showed power point presentation regarding meditation. So that, the students were understanding easily. In that retreat, they got very good exposure from many expertise (experienced people like Dhammacharini and Dhammachari). The conclusion of the retreat was extremely good and the students seem to become interested in meditation.