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The alumni retreat was held from 26th to 30th December 2017 at Nagaloka to deepen the participants’ spiritual practice and learn how to implement that principle in their daily life. It was facilitated by Nagamitra. There were 23 participants, 13 women and ten men. Nagamitra gave a talk on the Seven Bodhiyangas or Limbs of Enlightenment, speaking of how these can be applied in our lives in order to cultivate balance in our mundane activities. They were also helpful, he said, in overcoming our personal problems while trying to lead the spiritual life. After the talk all the students realized the importance of this principle in our daily lives. He introduced this historical teaching of the Buddha in a contemporary and accessible way that people could understand easily. At the end of the retreat, everyone wanted such a retreat held often to further develop their spiritual life.



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A full moon day celebration was held on 3rd December 2017 at Nagaloka. Dhammanaga reminded us of the importance of the celebration of the full moon day. The master of ceremonies was Sheelrashmi. There were around 200 participants, 100 men and 100 women. Many people from outside Nagaloka joined us. Dhammanaga gave a talk on the importance of Dr. Ambedkar’s life events, and mentioned the kindness of the Nagaloka gardener who was ill. He also spoke about fear of death and how it affects the students while they study here. He emphasized that the training should be carried out in an atmosphere so positive that it would change and inspire everyone.

In such a way, all the participants realized and understood the importance of the full moon day celebration. They discussed publicizing the full moon day as Buddhist Cultural Day, and to organize a one day program in which local people can participate on this day.



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A one day Constitution Workshop was held on 25th November 2017 in the Nagpur girl hostel to raise awareness among the students about the Indian Constitution. This workshop was conducted by Prof. Dr. Maiske and organized by Sugatadarini. There were 86 participants, 84 women and two men. Prof. Maiske gave a talk as an Indian citizen how the constitution can help us to understand the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice, and also how the fundamental rights incorporated in the constitution help us to live a valuable life as a human being. He also spoke about the struggles faced by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar while writing our constitution.

After a good talk all the students felt motivated and requested Prof. Maiske to conduct a regular class on the Indian constitution so that they can understand it more deeply. It was decided to set up such a class.


9th Alumni Conference 2017

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The 9th alumni conference was held for four days, from 7th to 10th November 2017 in Nagaloka. Its purpose was to strengthen the Nagaloka alumni from all over the 19 states of India in their work of developing Buddhist youth leadership in their striving for Prabuddha Bharat.  There were almost 175 participants attending the conference, 90 men and 80 women. The conference was facilitated by Lokamitra and anchoring was done by Utpala and Divya. There were a number of speakers with extensive experience in their respective fields.

Also contributing were a number of academicians in the fields of student leadership, a renowned social activist, and speakers from printed media, all of whom shared their experiences in their respective fields. The guest from Malaysia, Ven. Wei Wu, gave a talk on his experience working with Buddhist leadership development. There were also others from Malaysia who spoke.

Two major events took place on the Conference, and these were followed by others. The first was the inauguration of the Alumni Association, which was given the name of the Nagaloka Association. The second was that all Alumni declared their wish to be involved in further activities.



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The Ashoka Vijayadashami programme was held on 30th September 2017. Its purpose was to gather a great mass of Ambedkarite and Buddhist followers at an international level. The program was facilitated by Dh.Lokamitra and the master of ceremonies was Dh.Maitryanath. There were about 1100 people participating, 620 women and 480 men. Everybody was involved in a reporting-in session which was useful to get to know other people and their work. After the reporting-in session we had great talks on Dr Ambedkar and Lord Buddha by different scholars like Dr.Yo, by Dr.Dhava, an artist, and one of the bhikkhus from Korea. It  was an extremely inspirational talk and everyone was moved. After the program the Nagaloka Team and Trustee members decided to have this kind of program every year. It will help to develop our society through these talks.



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The Teachers Day celebration was held on 5th September 2017 at Nagaloka. Its purpose was to help students realize the significance of a teacher and to cultivate gratitude towards our great masters. The celebration was initiated by Prof C. Maiske, and Dh Chandrabodhi. There were 150 participants. Prof. Maiske talked about the development of the students, and he gave them a chance to express their gratitude towards their teachers. All the students rejoiced in their teachers’ merits. They realized their responsibility to pay back society in future. Students came to know that teaching responsibly involved developing the listening faculty.


16Th NTI Batch Inauguration Ceremony, July 2017

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It is always a joyous experience to witness the opening of the new batch of trainees at the Nagarjuna Training institute.  The 120 Boys and girls from over 15 states came to participate in Dhammasekhiya Course and BA Program.

The opening ceremony was presided by Dhammachari Lokamitra, the C.I Thool, President of SC, ST Commission of Maharashtra formally inaugurated the new Batch of trainees. The chief guest Sanjay Gosavi (Director of Pyramid City, Nagpur) and Dhananjay Wanjari (Deputy Commissioner of Income Text Department, Nagpur) gave an inspiring speech to motivate and welcome the NTI students.



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This program was held on 10th May 2017 at Nagaloka to celebrate Lord Buddha’s birth anniversary. It was facilitated by Vivekaratna. Its purpose was to recollect the circumstances of Siddharth’s birth and search for truth. There were 600 participants, 338 women and 262 men. Dh. Manidhamma spoke under four headings of the significance of Siddhartha’s quest for Enlightenment:

  • Siddhartha’s struggle to discern truth
  • Four symbols in Siddhartha’s life
  • How Siddhartha struggled to understand truth, and his victory
  • How it is most important to practice Dhamma principles.

In this talk many new people were inspired to learn how to practice the Dhamma in their day to day life. They also understood that everyone can achieve spiritual development if only they practice constantly.



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This program was held on 14th April 2017 to celebrate the 126th Anniversary of the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. It was facilitated by Lokamitra, Ritayush, Vivekratna and Amrutdeep. Its purpose was to call to mind and inspire people by the great contribution of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. There were 1100 participants, 620 women and 480 men. The main points focused on in the programme were the development of harmonious team work for our Movement in Nagpur and how to achieve it. Lokamitra reminded us of the messages inscribed on the great Ashok Pillar and their relevance to TBMSG work in future. We were thus inspired to cultivate  strong harmonious teamwork. Everyone agreed that we should contribute as best we could to the work of the Movement.


50th Anniversary Of Triratna Bauddha Maha Sangha (TBM) Celebration for all Nagaloka,April 2017,

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This program was held on 9th April 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha. It was facilitated by Nagaketu, Manidhamma, and Amrutdeep. The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen our community through working together. There were 600 people participating, 338 women and 262 men. The main points that were focused on in the workshop were:

  • Historical Sangha and modern Sangha
  • How to develop the Sangha by skilful organization of activities
  • To remind the participants that effective work is achieved by the commitment of each individual Order member working on a project.

Many of the people were really inspired and felt motivated to become participants in the work of the Sangha. They recognized the unity of the Sangha, and would like to attend such workshops as often as possible.