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About NagalokaNagaloka is a major center of the Buddhist Revival in India today.  It is visited by hundreds of thousands of people, and provides training and conference facilities for Buddhist social activists from India and around the world.

About1The goal of Nagaloka is to support the peaceful transformation of Indian society through training, education and research based on the values of liberty, equality and fraternity.  These values are at the heart of the Buddhist tradition, and were the foundation principles of India’s greatest social activist, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Casteism, the oppression of millions of people through a system of graded inequality, is the greatest problem confronting India today. Nagaloka is dedicated to realizing the vision of a caste-free and discrimination-free India by spreading Dr. Ambedkar’s ideas, training activists in the fundamental teachings of Dr. Ambedkar and Buddhism, and supporting networks of activists.

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About2Nagaloka is located in Nagpur, India. The fifteen-acre campus includes four residential halls, a classroom and library building, kitchen facilities, two meditation halls and administrative offices. The architecture of the buildings is based on the design of the Buddhist meeting halls that were found in India two thousand years ago. A life-size bronze statue of Dr. Ambedkar has attracted visitors and pilgrims for years, and a new 36’ statue of a Walking Buddha at the center of the Nagaloka campus has become a symbol of the return of Buddhism to India.

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About3At the heart of Nagaloka is the Nagarjuna Training Institute. This one-year residential program is training new generations of community leaders and social activists who will reduce and ultimately eliminate Casteism. NTI brings together young activists from different Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities all over India in a supportive, caste-free environment. The students study the teachings of Dr. Ambedkar, get hands-on training in social activism, develop pride and self-confidence, and learn the Buddhist practices and values that provide the foundation for effective personal and social transformation.

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About4Nagaloka was created through the combined efforts of Indian Buddhists and their supporters in Taiwan, China, Europe and the United States. It is a truly international institution based on the values of compassion and social engagement and is an example of how the traditional Buddhist value of generosity is being manifested in the modern world.

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