International Conferences

Nagaloka is a prominent center for international conferences on Buddhism and social issues in India, attracting visits from the most important Buddhist teachers in the world.

One of the goals of Nagaloka is to cultivate friendships between Buddhists in different parts of the world and participate in a dialog with Buddhist activists and scholars who are interested in finding ways to spread and nourish the Dhamma in today’s modern world.

By sponsoring international conferences and meetings, Nagaloka is also helping to publicize the importance of the Buddhist revival in India.

Modern Buddhism ConferenceDr. Ambedkar and Developments
in the Modern Buddhist World

This conference, held in 2006, brought together community activists, scholars and Buddhist leaders from all over India.  A number of experts from Asia and Europe also attended the conference and contributed papers and participated in panel discussions.  During the conference a large delegation of Dalit people from Tamil Nadu formally converted to Buddhism at a public event on the Nagaloka campus.

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Thich Nhat HahnVisit by Ven. Thich Nhat Hahn

The well-known Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hahn
visited Nagaloka in 2008 and gave public teachings both at Nagaloka and in central Nagpur.

His visit coincided with the annual celebration of the great 1956 Conversion to Buddhism led by Dr. Ambedkar.

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