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Training ProgramTraining Program

Nagaloka Centre is the home of the Nagarjuna Training Institute, which offers a one-year residential training program in Buddhism and Social Action for young men and women from all over India. The goal of the program is to train people in meditation, Dhamma and social action so they can return to their home regions and share their knowledge of the Dhamma and help create a society free of caste and discrimination.

The Buddhism and Social Action training program is a full-time residential course for 80 to 100 men and women. Students attend daily classes, participate in cultural activities, visit social projects in Nagpur, and learn meditation and Dhamma.

The Nagarjuna Training Institute is the only program of its kind in India. Students come from many different states and caste communities all over India to develop their skills, confidence and friendships. Having grown up in some of the most deprived and oppressed situations in the world, these young people often feel that the year of Dhamma practice and coursework completely transforms them and gives them a new vision of life. Many alumni are active in their communities, teaching the Dhamma and establishing social projects.

Benefits of Training

The training program helps students develop skills and bring change to their communities.

Program Description

Students at the Nagarjuna Training Institute learn about a variety of topics and develop practical skills.


The teachers at NTI are highly-qualified and are dedicated to work on behalf of their students.

Student Profiles

Learn about the experiences and views of students at Nagarjuna Training Institute.

Who Should Attend

Find out about the requirements for admission.

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Application for Admission to Nagarjuna Training Institute.

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Invitation For South Asian Buddhist Conference

Topic:The Revival of Buddhism in India and its impact on Buddhist Dynamics in South Asia.
Date:18-20 October 2018
Venue: Nagarjun Institute-Nagpur

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