Benefits of Training

Benefits of TrainingThe training at NTI provides students with a very special opportunity to learn about the Dhamma and develop skills that will allow them to benefit their communities. They develop confidence in themselves and confidence in the Dhamma and Dr. Ambedkar’s great vision of just society.

The different Scheduled caste communities in India do not usually cooperate with each other, even after they have become Buddhists. At the Nagarjuna Institute they relate to each other just as Buddhists and not in terms of the caste they have come from, and they gradually cease to identify with the old Untouchable castes. This is an enormous contribution to a truly democratic society.

Students who complete the training are able to share their experience with many people in their villages and towns. The ex-students participate in the Nagaloka Alumni Association, a network covering over 19 states in India that helps to organize local activities, retreats and lecture tours. Through this work they make a very significant contribution to the development of Buddhism in India.

A number of ex-students have started social projects. For example, a group of the first students started two hostels in Tamil Nadu for children who suffered from the Tsunami.