Nagaloka, A Major Center of the Buddhist Revival in India



Dharmachari Lokamitra is the Chairman of Nagaloka. Originally from England, he was ordained in 1974 by his teacher, Sangharakshita. Since 1978 he has been living in India and helping to initiate and guide Buddhist activities as part of the Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha, Sahayaka Gana (TBMSG), which now has over thirty Buddhist teaching centres in India. […]



Dharmachari Maitreyanath is a Trustee and Managing Director of Nagaloka. He came from a Buddhist family and as a youth he worked for the Buddhist Society of India (founded by Dr. Ambedkar). He was deeply inspired by Dr. Ambedkar’s thought, and in 1980 he came into contact with the Triratna Buddhist Community in Pune and […]



Dharmachari Vivekratna is a Trustee of Nagaloka and the Director of Training. He is a mechanical engineer who worked for the Department of Telecom for many years. Starting in 1965 he was a regular visitor at the Deekshabhoomi in Nagpur – the place where Dr. Ambedkar and four hundred thousand people converted to Buddhism in […]



Dharmachari Manidhamma has an M.A. in Dr Ambedkar Thought and teaches at Nagrajuna Training Institute, Nagpur when he is not travelling. He is Principal at NTI where an undergraduate course B.A. in Buddhist Studies affiliated to University of Nagpur have been offered. In 2012 he incorporated Golden Light Foundation Private Limited a company to redefine […]



Vajrajaya (Archana) has been actively participating and working closely in social and religious fields since 2003. She has completed her MSW, MA (History), and MA (Library Sciences). As a social worker, she mobilizes women from all over Maharashtra and increasingly from all over India towards community leadership and development.

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