The Nagaloka campus extends over 15 acres on which there are seven residential halls, a classroom and library building, kitchen facilities, a Dhamma Teaching Hall, a meditation hall, as well as an administrative building. These were designed by Master architect, Christopher Charles Benninger, who based the architecture on the Buddhist meeting halls that were found in India two thousand years ago. At the centre of the campus is the magnificent Walking Buddha created by Master Wen Kwei Chan. Walking towards the Buddha is a statue of a serene and determined Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.


Our Mission

Prabuddha Bharat - Enlightened India

We support the peaceful transformation of Indian society through learning based on the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. These values are at the heart of Buddhist tradition, and the foundation principles of India’s greatest social activist, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Who we are?

Nagaloka is a Buddhist training and conference centre located in Nagpur, India. The 15-acre campus hosts a variety of programmes on a local, global, and international scale. It is home to the Nagarjuna Training Institute, which provides a residential training course in Buddhism and social activism. Nagaloka is a major centre for Buddhist Revival in India today. It is a pilgrimage site, where thousands come annually to see its famous Walking Buddha statue.

What do we do?

At Nagaloka we have dedicated ourselves to realizing an India free of caste and all forms of injustice and exploitation, in which people have the means to overcome suffering, live empowered and fulfilling lives, and contribute to a humane and harmonious society. We do this through training, education, research and dialogue based on teachings of the Buddha and Dr. Ambedkar, and supporting a network of activists throughout India.

Our Impact

The Nagarjuna Training Institute has had a profound impact on the students. Most feel transformed after only a few months of Dhamma practice. They develop confidence, are able to overcome unhelpful habits, cultivate skilful mental states, and realise they can do something with their lives, both for themselves and for society. The Walking Buddha statue is now a major pilgrimage site for the millions of Buddhists in India, given more meaning with the statue of Dr. Ambedkar. Our large meditation hall provides a source of peace and inspiration to all who visit. Many alumni have gone on to complete their postgraduate studies at prestigious institutions across India. Many are now engaged in social projects such as starting schools and hostels, raising awareness amongst minority communities of their rights, responding to atrocities. Many are sharing what they have learnt of the Dhamma in their towns and villages. The campus is an active centre for intellectual and spiritual growth through the major national and international programmes held regularly, including annual conferences on topics exploring Engaged Buddhist practices, Dr. Ambedkar’s teachings and vision, caste relations, gender dynamics, and others.


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Since Nagaloka’s beginning in 2002…

Dr. Ambedkar has inspired millions of young people to understand how Buddhism can help them transform their individual and social lives. Unfortunately there is little effective teaching available in India. The Nagarjuna Institute was started to respond to this need. It conducts two residential courses, an eight month introductory Dhammasekhiya course, and a three year BA degree in Buddhism and Dr. Ambedkar Studies as part of Nagpur University. Both teach basic Dhamma, meditation, puja (chanting), and social action.


More than 1300 young people have benefited from its training programmes.


These youth represent more than forty castes, all of which face varying degrees of oppression.


Students from all four corners of the country have attended these programmes.

Activities Updates

Nagaloka has become a place of interaction between Indian Buddhists inspired by Dr. Ambedkar, Buddhists from traditional eastern backgrounds and western Buddhists. It has played a significant role in helping Buddhists from outside India appreciate the significance of Dr. Ambedkar’s conversion, and his approach to Buddhism, and is known throughout the world as a centre for “engaged Buddhism”.