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Mukesh Library -Ratangarh, Churu – Rajasthan

Mukesh Library Ratangarh, Churu – Rajasthan

Late Mukesh Buddhapriya was an alumnus of the 13th batch of Nagarjuna Training Institute, Nagaloka-Nagpur. He was born and brought up in a small town in the Churu district of Rajasthan. In his adulthood, in Ratangarh, he came across a Profound Buddhist Leader named Mr. Satyapal Bauddh along with many other Ambedkarites fellows, he started to deepen his thrust in Buddhism and Ambedkarite movement. Later He was told about the courses and activities of Nagarjuna Training Institute, Nagaloka by Mr. Satyapal Bauddha. He then, along with three other Buddhist fellows, joined Nagarjuna Training Institute’s eight month long residential “Dhammashekhiya” course  in 2014-15 .

After completing training, he went back to his village and started his education which he was doing before coming to Nagaloka and contributing to the revival of Buddhist as per his capability. He was instrumental in bringing Ambedkarites Buddhist people and Activists under one umbrella. On 2nd March 2016, he passed away and left his work to the other Buddhist fellows in Ratangarh.

The other Buddhist from the Ratangarh paid tribute to Mukesh’s work by establishing a library in his memory on 14 October 2020 – The date on which Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had taken refuge to the Buddha-Dhamma-Sangha. Mukesh’s Grandma inaugurated the same.

Activities run by Mukesh library

The idea behind developing a library was to create a space where students from marginalized backgrounds can come and study on their own. There are also a few Mentors who help other students in studying. Apart from teaching, the Mentors run a few of the activities for the kids and KGs students like meditation, exercise, and so on

Celebrated Ambedkar Jayanti

On 14th April 2021, the NTI Alumni of Rajasthan celebrated Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti at Mukesh Library in Ratangarh by reciting the work done by Babasaheb in nation-building. The Alumni of NTI awarded Schoolbags to the brilliant students, especially to the girls.