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Triratna Scientific Institute- Uttar Pradesh

Name of the Project: Triratna Scientific Institute (T.S.I.)
  Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

Name and batch of the Alumni Involved:
1. Dharm Singh 7th Batch
2. Krisha Gautami 11th Batch
3. Vidushi Vishakha 13th Batch
4. Siddharth 17th Batch
5. Sujata 17th Batch
6. Sunita 18th Batch
7. Arpita 18th Batch

Partly supported by :

  • Prinshi 18th Batch
  • Divyanshi 18th Batch
  • Diwakar 13th Batch
  • Vandana 18th Batch

Alumni background- Before studying in Nagarjuna Training Institute (NTI):

The majority of the Alumni who are running TSI belong to a small village of Sitapur District of UP and are siblings. Their father was a Kabir Panthi (Followers of Sant Kabir) dedicated his life in spreading Buddha-Ambedkar’s words to the community members, specially among adolescents  in and around their village and localities, inspired his children to build such an Institution in which they can teach children the fundamental teaching of the Buddha, Ambedkar and other Bahujan Leaders including constitution and other essential subjects in education. He trained his children in the Ambedkarite-Buddhist movement. Before coming to Nagaloka, they were not aware of the vast teachings of Buddha, meditation, and all. Therefore their father sent them to Nagaloka to learn Buddhism, meditation, etc so they can also teach others what they have learned from Nagaloka.

Changes occurred after NTI course:

Alumni learned a lot from Nagaloka, primarily meditation and basic teaching of the Buddha. Not only they learned it, but they felt changes occurred in them after completing the Dhammasekhiya training from Nagaloka. They became more focused on their study and life and started getting a Government Job for earning. Many of them succeeded and are currently working with the Government. Krisha Gautami and Vidushi Vishakha are from the 11th and 13th batch respectively and are working in the Uttar Pradesh Police service. Sujata from the 18th batch is now studying at Hsuan Chuang University in Taiwan.

Project initialization:

The Idea behind building Triratna Scientific Institute came from the Dhamma-Shekhiya training of Nagaloka. Alumni wanted to develop a place like Nagaloka in their state so they can reach out as much as students. The Alumni were pretty much aware of having such Institutions throughout India. Even their late Father Mr. Late Chandrabhan Parkhi wished to build an Institution as same as Nagaloka where hundreds of students can be given a quality education based on the Buddhist principle of equality, liberty, and fraternity envisioned by their leader Babasaheb Ambedkar.


The Triratna Scientific Institution is a residential school that is in the process to get registered. Hopefully, it will be getting registered in 2022. Meanwhile, few kids are there in the Institute and learning what the Institute teaches informally. Once the Institute gets registered, it will conduct interviews and other processes while selecting kids for the foundation course. The shortlisted kids (From 6th class to 12th) will be staying there and will be learning meditation, a study in Buddhism, and other curriculum studies will engage in daily activities such as work period, duties, Pooja, and so on. The schedule is developed as per the Dhamma-Shekhiya course conducted by Nagarjuna Training Institute.

The beneficiaries mainly are from marginalised communities especially from Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes, and other backward communities, belonging to nearby villages and districts, and are inspired by the Dhamma-Kranti of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (Revival of Buddhism by Dr. Ambedkar). However, the Institute is open to admit kids across Uttar Pradesh and India if they are genuine candidates and seats are available.

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The Alumni are getting mental as well as physical support from their well-wishers. But not getting any financial support from anybody till now as they did not wish for the same initially. However, Presently the construction work is in progress, and as soon as it completes, and they start running courses, then they might think about donations. Till now, they have managed on their own.

Future Plans:
As the Alumni are working towards rebuilding a society based on Buddhist principles, so if the TSI gets success in this project, they will try to build such institutions across India. So, it is a broad vision and will take a lot of human and financial resources.


To Support or Know more about  this project, please contact at :

Mobile: 9453531815, 9975680645, 9451869898