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Ambedkar Phule Pathshala- Kalahandi, Odissa

Alumni Name and Batch    Julee Ambedkar – 16th Batch
Name of the project: Ambedkar Phule Pathshala
Location   At- Turechhada, P.O- CHAPRIA, Block- Golamunda, Dist- Kalahandi (Odisha)

Life Before Nagarjuna Training Institute:

She was only used to the school’s syllabus and excluding the school syllabus, she didn’t know anything about the Budhha as well as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. She used to not think of bringing social change in the unequal society due to a lack of self-confidence and information about social leaders like Babasaheb and their movement.

After NTI

After 12th she was seeking a place where she could learn something about social movements and Bahujan leaders. Nagaloka was an apt place for her. She could learn about Ambedkarism and the Philosophy and Practice of Master Buddha. The most important thing which changed her life drastically is Meditation, discipline, and punctuality. She thanked Nagaloka that she could learn meditation there.


We have been spearheading this project for the last year. The students who come for the class are marginalized; inspired by Babasaheb and his movement. During Lockdown, the students were getting neither a proper platform for study nor any accessibility to online. Fundamental education is most requisite for everyone, therefore, they thought that lockdown has created a huge problem for such students because they can’t access online classes. As a student they can contribute to society by donating their time, skills and talent, henceforth they started this project. The Pathsala came into existence after last year’s nationwide lockdown.

They have been preparing them for the Model school examination and Navodaya Entrance exam. However, their key focus is on the Navodaya Entrance Exam. Students after 5th class can give the entrance test for the Navodaya school which is funded by the Ministry of Education Government Of India is a residential school where selected students can study free of cost, and has a special quota for students from marginalized and rural backgrounds.

Beneficiaries: Marginalized Students


They have been providing residential facilities for students who are coming from different blocks. One of our team members has given their Indira Awas home to continue coaching class. We take help from the student’s parents for feeding and other educational necessities. Apart, some Ambedkarite service holders would like to contribute to us.

Team members:

There are 3 Members: Julee Ambedkar, Lochan Mangraj, and Dusmant Mangaraj.

Project Outcome:

As the project was initiated last year, therefore it is too early to say anything about the outcomes. But they have something to share with all of us as the Navodaya Entrance Examination Test has extended due to a pandemic, but their students have appeared in Model school entrance exams, and out of 22 students, 21 are selected for model school. It is a huge success for them.


They have been trying to continue this project for a long time to get constructive outcomes. However, they are lacking basic infrastructure and volunteer facilities, yet they have faith in themselves that they will work it out.

Contact Details

Contact   6370094318
Facebook – Julee Ambedkar