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Aryaloka Computer Education- Raipur

Alumni Name and Batch: AkshayVajra – 6th batch
Name of the Project:
Aryaloka Computer Education
Location: Aryaloka computer Education, Bharat Mata chowk Gudhiyari, Raipur – Chhattisgarh.

Alumni background – Before studying in Nagarjuna Training Institute:
Before coming to Nagarjuna Training Institute, he used to be connected with local Buddhist and other Ambedkarite organisations which not only disseminated the Buddha and Babasaheb’s words but also celebrated Bahujan Mahapurusha’s Jayanti, along with social action to some extent. Although they are still running their activities at their level. He also used to teach a class from 1st to 12th standard, in a local coaching center. In 2006, Verochan who is an NTI Alumni from the 1st batch briefed him about the Nagarjuna Training Institute. When Verochan was briefing about NTI, he inspired a lot with the activities conducted by NTI, and later without having second thoughts, he moved on to Nagpur for the course and stayed there for around 2 and half years. Verochan was a Buddhist Monk during that time during Varshawas he stayed in a Vihar in Jagdalpur is a prominent Naxalite district situated nearby Odisha – Chhattisgarh Border.

Changes after NTI course:
During the Dhammasekhiye course, he learned a lot, especially mediation, Triratana-Pancasila, Buddha Vandana, the path of freedom and salvation, etc. At Nagaloka he got to know about the TBMSG and inspired the work of TBMSG and Dhammachari Lokamitra. It was the time when he was also thinking of undergoing Dhammachari training and he went through and became Dhammachari. After finishing the NTI Dhammasekhiye course, he went to Pune and worked in Wipro, then joined Aryaloka Nagpur for studying various computer skills. Then he also established the same computer training center in his area which is being supported by Aryaloka.

Project initialization:
While learning at Aryaloka Nagpur, he and Aryaketu were talking about opening the same project in his district. He inspired and got confidence. Therefore in 2014 he visited Raipur, surveyed slums, and found a place where it is most required. Later he started there Aryaloka computer education with the help of DH. Araketu.

Project details:
In Raipur and around, NTI Alumnus Dhammachari Akshvajra has been running the Aryaloka Computer Education Centre for local people. The center provides free local and subsidised IT courses along with FREE English classes and personal development for all ages and both men and women. Moreover, the center provides a friendly, open, inclusive, kind, and supportive learning space to people who want to improve their education, skills, confidence, etc. so they can get employment. The center helps in job hunting and interview skills.

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Marginalised section of the society, primarily falls under the poverty line as per prescribed criteria of respective state governments.

Karuna Trust, UK & Dhammachari Aryaketu

Team and staff members:
Akshayvajra, Simran Ratnu Bharati, and Roshni Sahu

Project Outcome:
Due to the center, every year more than 200 students learn computer skills and out of them, nearly 120 students get jobs in various private sectors.

Dhammachari Akshvajara wants to open his institute and is looking for support from any funding agency. As per his view, the current project is being supported by Aryaloka, and if owns his center, then the current center will be shifted to another place where it is needed most.


For supporting this project or for more details please contact:

Dhammachari Akshayvajra
Email Address
Mobile: 9960142732
Social Media: FB profile: Aryaloka computer education Raipur