Buddhist revival movement is becoming stronger and spreading all over India. Nagarjuna Training Institute (NTI) is conducting a residential course in “Buddhism and Social Action” since 2002. Nagarjuna Training Institute provided training to 754 trainees (241 female and 513 male) from 24 states in India till 2013. They are from about 40 different communities amongst scheduled castes and Tribes. The eleventh residential course was inaugurated on 1 July 2012. Bhimrao Tupe (noted developmental practitioner) inaugurated the eleventh residential training course. Over 200 people attended the inaugural program.

The course was completed on 5 March 2013. Seventy seven students were admitted and finally 47 students (30 male and 17 female) completed the course successfully. Dhammachari Lokamitra, Vajrapushpa (UK), and Shantipala (UK) attended the ceremony in which certificates were given to the students who completed the annual training program.

This training program is the heart of Nagarjuna Training Institute (NTI). The alumni of NTI are working all over India to spread the teachings of the Buddha. They have also started Dhamma and social activities in 24 states of India.