Accommodations for students and visitors are provided at modern residential halls on the campus of Nagaloka.

Adhistan Hall provides accommodation for up to 40 students.  The name of this residential building suggests resolution to practice the Dhamma.

The newest and largest dormitory at Nagaloka is Gridhrakut.  Completed in 2009, it has open meditation and meeting space on the ground floor and two floors of rooms occupied by 80 students and faculty.

Shakyakula is a residence for students as well as for guests who visit Nagaloka to teach and give Dhamma talks. Many important Buddhists teachers have stayed here, including the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hahn.  The name was given to indicate that irrespective of our Buddhist tradition, we are all members of the community (kula) of the Buddha (Shakya). The hall holds up to 10 guests and 20 students.