International Conference on  Building Bridges between Chinese and Indian Buddhist

9.00 am 13th to 1.00 pm 14th November 2019, Nagaloka
Organised by the Nagarjuna Institute, Nagpur, and the Amala Foundation, Taiwan.

The 21st Century has been called the Asian century, the time when the centre of influence in the world moves to Asia.  Buddhism is at the heart of much of Asian culture and has the capacity to influence the way it develops. Even though it died out in India, the land of its birth, over 700 years ago, Buddhism is now reviving in a remarkable manner, led especially by Dr., B. R. Ambedkar. His conversion movement has changed the religious and social landscape of India more than anything else since the Buddha and Ashoka, and it is going to continue doing so. In the Chinese speaking world, the glorious Buddhist traditions are going through a period of remarkable creative growth, as they engage with the modern world. In both India and in the Chinese speaking world, Buddhism is increasingly appreciated as a positive social and harmonising influence. It will eventually have a considerable impact on other Asian societies at a time when Asia is taking the lead in the world. This conference will contribute to this development by exploring recent creative developments in Chinese and Indian Buddhism.

The four sessions of the conference are:

  1. Transcending Culture; Dhamma connections between India and China.
  2. Developments in Modern Chinese Buddhism
  3. The Revival of Buddhism in India
  4. The Innovative Spirit of Buddhism

Organising Team:

  1. Professor Cheng Chen Huang
  2. Master Wen Kwei Zhan
  3. Maitriveer Nagarjuna
  4. Mangesh Dahiwale
  5. Lokamitra

Please Note:

  • The conference will take place at the Nagarjuna Institute, in Nagpur.
  • The conference will be inaugurated in a special programme starting at 10.00 am on 12th November, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Walking Buddha (the sculptor, Wen Kwei Zhan will be present), on the day the Buddha uttered the immortal words, Bahujuna Hitaya Bahujana Sukhaya.
  • The languages of the conference will be English, with facilities for simultaneous translation into Hindi and Chinese (if you require this please advise us in advance).
  • The Nagarjuna Institute will look after the food and accommodation of all participants. There will be no charges for the conference, however our funds are very limited and so we request participants to consider making a donation.

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