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Valedictory Function of Dhammasakhiya Course

The Dhammasekhiya trainees from Nagarjuna Training Institute (NTI) completed their course for which the valedictory function was held on 28th February, 2015 at Buddha Surya Vihar. It was the day everyone, including students as well as staffs looked forward to mark the culmination of the achievements of trainees in Dhammasakhiya course. There was a mixed bundle of emotions among staff and trainees.


The Chief Guests for this function were Dhammachari Amoghashiddi, Public preceptor of Triratna Boudha Mahasangha and Dr. Sonawane, Professor of Government Medical College, Nagpur; and the function was presided over by Gauthama Prabhu, Director of NTI. The presence of Dhammachari Pragyaratna, Dhammachari Manidhamma, Dhammachari Nagmitra, Dhammachari Padmavir and Dr. Satish graced the function. Parents, relatives and friends of trainees participated in the function.

The programme commenced with introductory speech by Dhammachari Pragyaratna. He made a special mention about the day, marking it as an important as well as an inspirational day. The day is important because the students who have stayed away from their family for eight months are going back to their home and meet their families, and it is an inspirational day as these students will spread Buddhist principals and practices, and work for welfare of society in their respective states.

Among the trainees, three girls and three boys were called upon to share their experiences. Amongst these were Ashwini from Karnataka, Jaydeep from Orissa, Savitri from Orissa, Bhanupratap from Rajasthan, Nisha from Uttar Pradesh and Lakhinder from Jharkhand. Each one of them expressed their gratitude to Nagarjuna Training Institute, talked about their own experiences that they have gained during the training period and shared their vision towards the making of Prabuddha Bharat.

This was followed by certificate distribution by respected chief guests. Speaking on the occasion, Dhammachari Amoghasiddhi emphasized on self realization and to become a good human being. He said “when we look back to our life, we should not feel regretful for what we have done”. Dr.Sonawane wished student for their better future and appreciated students for sharing their experiences.

Gauthama Prabhu gave a motivational talk on loving-kindness and inspired the trainees to be mindful and use skilful means to face challenges from the society. Nagmitra shared some of his field visit experiences especially how family gave up blind faith, and also wished to invite donors for such events in the future.

Dr. Satish proposed a vote of thanks and expressed his gratitude to chief guests for visiting in such a short notice and also for their inspirational speech.