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Inauguration Ceremony of Dhammashekhiya Course 2015-16

Nagarjuna Institute welcomed nearly 113 new trainees to the Nagaloka at its inauguration ceremony on 5th July, 2015, in the presence of nearly 250 people. The programme was officiated by Dhammachari Maitreyanath. The Chief Guests were Mr. Rajkumar Badole, Minister of Social Justice and Special Assistance, and Dr. Surjeet Singh of the Department of Buddhist Studies, Wardha University, Nagpur.

NagalokaDr. Surjeet Singh highlighted the importance of education in an individual’s life. He said that unlike formal education, Nagarjuna Institute imparts an education that nurtures an individual to become a good human being. Shri Rajkumar Badole expressed his delight at being part of the inauguration and talked about the life of Buddha, asking new trainees to follow the path of loving and kindness.

NagalokaMr. Gauthama Prabhu, Director of Nagarjuna Institute shared the vision of Prabhudha Bharat, the contribution of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and his historic conversion, the contribution of Urgyen Sangharakshita in the formation of Triratna and Lokamitra’s leadership in the development of the vision of Prabuddha Bharat and the establishment of Nagaloka. Dhammachari Padmavir provided an outline of the course, the number of trainees being trained so far and the status of those alumni who are pursuing higher education in some of prestigious institutes in the country as well as outside. Dhammachari Vivekratana addressed the participants in detail about the life changing experiences of alumni. He also talked about the importance of bonding with friends from different states. Dhammachari Maitreyanath briefed about the principles of Buddhism and appealed to all guests to support Nagaloka activities and informed them about the different ways they could help.