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Fifteenth year of Dhammasekhiya Training

On 3rd July the fifteenth year of Dhammasekhiya Training was inaugurated in the Nagarjuna Training Institute at Nagaloka. Mr. Rajshekhar Undru (IAS, Joint Secretary, Dept. of Pharmaceuticals) was the chief guest and spoke on “ The Importance of Spiritual Training”. Prof Chandu Maske, soon to become the Principal of the BA College run by Nagarjuna Institute, and Dh Vivekratna, the overall Director, also spoke. There were 103 trainees (46 women and 57 men) from 19 different states present. The programme ended with Pali Puja.

The Dhammasekhiya residential training course lasts for eight months. Most of the students are completely new to the Dhamma. During the course the students learn about the basic teachings of the Buddha, Dr, Ambedkar’s main teachings, especially his contribution to Buddhism. They practice meditation and chanting twice a day. They also learn the basics of social work. At the end of eight months they receive a certificate. Some go on to do the three year BA course, Nagarjuna Institute runs as part of Nagpur University.