You are currently viewing The 4Th Chongsheng Forum in Dali city,  Yunnan Province, China.

The 4Th Chongsheng Forum in Dali city, Yunnan Province, China.

Four the last four years the historic Chongsheng Temple located in Dali city, Yunnan Province has been hosting the Chongsheng Forum to advocate ‘the one belt one road’ policy to promote harmony and greater relations of China with South Asia and Southeast Asian Buddhist countries.

Chongsheng Temple Opening Ceremony

Chongsheng Temple Opening Ceremony:24th September, 2016.

The theme for the forum of 2016 was to explore the Humanist Buddhism and its application in the age of globalization. The forum has created a platform for the South Asian and Southeast Asian Academics, Buddhist leaders and Buddhist organizations to come together and exchange each other’s work and views to promote Buddhism.

Dhammachari Lokamitra spoke on the Dhamma as empowerment and breaking down barriers of caste, he illumined the Buddhist values which are essential for the personal and social transformation. Mangesh Dahiwale spoke about the ancient road and Modern Buddhism: challenges and opportunity, he related to the current worlds problem and the significance of Dr. Ambedkar and Venarable Taixu’s vision to create a better society. Bhante Sugato explained the decline of Buddhism in India: lessons from the Buddhist history in India. The focus was on the problems facing contemporary Buddhism in India and the great opportunities for the Buddhism in India.

Chongsheng Temple Opening Ceremony

Photo: (from left) Mangesh Dahiwale, Master Chong Hua, Dhammachari Lokamitra, Bhante Sugato