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16th Batch Valedictory Program

This send-off program was held on 5th March 2018 at Nagaloka. All the 16th batch Dhammasekhiya students participated. There were 145 students, including all students from Nagaloka, 70 women and 75 men. The purpose of this programme was to conclude the training. The programme was led by Vivekaratna, Veeradhamma, Prof. Chandu Maiske and Pragyaratna. All Nagaloka staff were invited to the program. Vivekaratna concluded the program with the following brief explanations:

  • We have learned the chief spiritual principles during the 8 months Dhammasekiya course
  • We have learned how we should apply those principles while working in society
  • There were some difficulties during the training that need to be worked on
  • We must work on our attitudes and change our behavior through training
  • Nagaloka is an ideal place where everyone can work on their mental states

Following his talk, students got the key points for their fieldwork and were inspired to work effectively in their areas.