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Dhammasekhiya 17th Batch Inauguration

“Dhamma Sekhiya course” 17th batch 2018-19 Inauguration ceremony program organized in Buddhsurya vihar at Nagaloka. This program arranged by Nagarjuna Training Institute on 1st of July 2018 at morning 10:30 A.M. Around 250 peoples attended this program as well as lots of people enjoyed this ceremony program. “Dhamma Sekhiya course” 17th batch this inauguration program
Divisional Commissioner social welfare Dr. Siddhartha Gaikwad. And President of this ceremony program Dhamachari Maitreyanath. Principal Dr. Chandu Maskey told that this 17th batch is now in maturity way so this is a good sign for Nagarjuna Training Institute.
Mr. Sanjay Patil was the chief guest of this ceremony program. He told that he can’t speak in front of the number of peoples but he can able to work very well and he likes to work more not to speak. Mr. Sanjay Patil appreciated to Dhamachari Maitreyanath, Dhamachari Pradhnyaratna, Dhamachari Nagamitra. The anchor of this program Dhamachari Tejdarshan he did a wonderful work of Anchoring. Such as Dr. Siddharath Gaikwad told that each of students must read and understand about the constitution as well as president of this ceremony Maitreyanath also told now NTI organization is on the maturity level because 16 years completed so its biggest responsibility that Nagaloka should manage it.