Dhammasekhiya’s Send-off Programme

Dhammasekhiya’s Send-off Programme

Date: 2nd March 2019

As we celebrate every year the send off  programme of the Dhammasekiya trainees. This year also we had a send off programme on 2nd March after had a completion of 8 month course from 1st July 2018 to 28th Feb 2019. This year was 52 students have completed. Now have crossed 17 years of the course. In this programme we had a inspirational talk by Dh. Maitriveer Nagarjuna and some students to enrich them. Apart from the students there were some donars invited to this programme to congrats them. And then we had given them course completion certificate to the each 52 students. It was went well and energetic as usual.


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  1. Buddhabhushan Vaijanath Suryawanshi

    Most beautiful Activities
    I liked it .👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏🙏🙏

  2. Buddhabhushan Vaijanath Suryawanshi

    I want to admission in this field.Plz give me admission for dhamma abhiyaan

  3. Mohit kumar

    Namo budhai. Jai bheem. Its was my nice movement when I heart about (NTI). And After I suggests my friend to join 17th program. Because I was busy in some work. He spend his time in (NTI) for 9 Months. After he meet me from program. He have changed a lot in his culture and also in his behavior. He learned a lot from there and he loved (NTI). I am very thankfull. And have a great good feeling.

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