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Participation in INEB Training

NTI Send Alumni To Taiwan For Participating INEB Training

2 alumni from NTI went to Taiwan to participate in International Young Bodhisattva Training through INEB. The 10 days residential program was held at Buddhist Hongshi College, Taoyuan, Taiwan with the theme of Spiritual resurgence and Social Transformation. There were 32 participants from 12 countries joining in the program. The program was designed with workshops, project visits, studies, interactions, Panel discussions and sharing etc. There were faculties like Ven. Zhao Hui, Ven. Xing Kuang, Oyuporn( a women activist from Thailand ), Lokamitra( India ), Vidyananda( Malaysia ), Dr. You ( Taiwan) led various parts of the training program. The training program was included with the visit of Tzu Ji Foundation, Dharma Drum Mountain and the corporate body of the Buddha Educational Foundation. The training program was coordinated and organized by INEB.