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Inauguration Ceremony Of 18th Batch

The 18th batch of Dhammasekhiya program was inaugurated by Prof. Bodhi SR (Faculty CSJG, SSW, TISS- Mumbai). The ceremony was presided by Maitriveer Nagarjuna (Hon Director – Nagarjuna Training Institute) and with Chief Guest   Dr. SashiCoumar Brumot (Assistant Regional Director – IGNOU, Nagpur). This was the 19th Batch of the Dhammashekiya course. 45 students in which 22 girls and 23 boys took admission for this year’s course from various states of India. This 8 months residential program is designed to introduce students to Buddhist teachings and practices in a practical and meaningful manner. The subjects and practices covered include: basic teachings from the Pali and Buddhist Sanskrit sources, Buddhist ethics, puja and devotional practices, basic meditation practices, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s approach to Buddhism, an introduction to social work in India and the application of Buddhist principles to that work, how to study effectively, how to communicate effectively and how teach the Dhamma. The program also includes living in a residential Buddhist community which includes daily meditation and puja, as well as work as practice.