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Artists-in-Residence at Nagaloka

We are thrilled to announce the first two artists-in-residence at Nagaloka, Prabhakar Kamble and Reema K.

Prabhakar Kamble is a conceptual artist and curator working on themes of discrimination and inhumanity, as a result of social imbalances such as caste. His practice involves kinetic installations, drawings and performance. He paints large portraits of Dr.BR Ambedkar for social equality movements around Maharashtra and engaged inthe promotion of Dalit Literature and movement. His performances are in protest of public lynching of Dalits and murders of rationalist individuals. He has also organised workshops on similar themes. Prabhakar completed his post-diploma in art education at JJ school of art.

Reema K is a researcher, self-taught artist and a writer. She completed her M. A. and M. Phil. in Comparative Literature from University of Hyderabad. Currently she is a researcher at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay. Her research explores the interconnectedness of “Art/ craft, Labour and Caste” based on a case study of a traditional artisan community in Kerala. Dr Ambedkar’s notions of equality are the motives behind her research. She is interested in the social aspects of visual art. She is working on bringing text and art together in the form of an illustrated book.

Prabhakar and Reema will be making work and engaging with the students of NTI as well as the art community in Nagpur for the next three weeks, until the end of October