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NTI Students Pursuing Higher Study In Taiwan

Four students from Nagarjuna Training Institute have been selected to pursue higher study in Taiwan. Nagaloka is constantly striving to provide our students and alumni with opportunities for higher study abroad. In addition to the wonderful opportunity this creates for our students, it also helps to create deeper connections with different Buddhist cultures and nations outside of India.

This year we have received support for the sponsorship from Hsuan Chuang University and TH Lee.

In 2013 there was a CULTURAL EXCHANGE program between Hsuan Chuang University and Nagarjuna Training Institute. 10 students with 2 Assistant Professors visited Nagloka for this program. Hsuan Chuang University is a private Buddhist university in Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Founded in 1997 by the Ven. Liao Zhong and named for the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang, the school was promoted to university status in 2004. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees, mainly in humanities subjects.

TH Lee is one of the chief disciples of the famous Master NAN HUAI JIN of China. Master NAN was always inspiring and encouraging and supporting for Chinese language study in Nagaloka. After his passing away, Dr. T H Lee took this responsibility and helped NTI students for study in Taiwan.

All these selected students, Priti, Puja, Renuka and Sujata will be studying at the Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan.

Sujata and Priti are the 16th Batch alumni from the Dhammashekhiya course. They both are from Uttar Pradesh from Sutapur district.  Sujata selected to pursue the course in Social Work while Priti selected Religion & Culture course. They will be completing their bachelor degree in these respective subject, which is of four year duration,

While Renuka is from Kondhagaon district in Chhattisgarh State and Puja is from Jamshedpur district, Jharkand State.  Renuka and Puja are both BA 3rd year students in the Nagarjuna Training Institute. They both have chosen the Religion and culture course. They will be completing their Master’s degree in these subject, which is of two years.

This scholarship would not being possible without the guidance of Dh Lokamitra (Chairman of Nagaloka). Next major role was from the staff of Nagarjuna Training Institute. Dh Nagamitra, Dhivya and Sushant did their best to select the most potential students for pursuing these courses. Without their guidance and continuous counselling with the students and their parents it would have being difficult to send these students abroad for higher studies. All these selected students are from marginalized background and have being going abroad for the first time and that too for such a long period.

Sushant and his wife Amrapali played a major role from making the passport, allocating visa and booking flight tickets. They also guided these students how to check out / check in at the airports, packing their luggage’s, what to do after boarding the aircraft, etc. Finally the students boarded the flight on 16th Oct 2019 from the Delhi airport.



We all wish them the best for the completion of their course and stay. Hope they would be an inspiration for the other students too!