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Report on Covid Care Centre at Nagaloka


The Buddha Charity Covid Care Centre started at Nagaloka, Nagpur on 21st April 2021. Nagpur based Buddhist and Ambedkarites Organisation came together and started Covid Care Centre. Nagaloka offered a New brand boys hostel building called Bodhichitta for this noble cause and offered all practical support like electricity, generator, water and medical equipment.




Team of Samata Arogya Pratisthan worked very hard to get permission from the government. The major problem we were  facing was the availability of cylinders and oxygen supply. Team managed to get 25 cylinders after lots of hard work and at last we have 12 Oxygen beds and 13 non oxygen beds. We have Doctors, Nurses and medical staff working 24×7 providing services to the needy. We have served 75 OPD and 42 IPD patients till 4th June 2021.

We are providing all services free to poor people and charging very little charitable cost to those who can bear it. We do not force any patients to pay the charges and only accept donations. This project is run by Samata Arogya Pratisthan and supported by various buddhist and Ambedkarites organisations such as Nagarjuna Training Institute,Nagaloka. Ambedkar Association of North America (AANA) Samata Sainik Dal, Human Metta Foundation, Scan, Banai, Aryaloka, Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha, etc.



We have offered the Ambulance and 10 Oxygen Concentrator Machines by Firefly, Singapore. We have received 3 Oxygen Concentrator Machines from Drishti Foundation (USA) and we are waiting for 2 more Machines from Milind and Vinaya from USA.

Ambedkar Association of North America (AANA) is offering CCC an Oxygen generation plant and 1.5 cr for various equipment. We are in touch with Doctors and our partners and preparing for the 3rd Waves which may attack Children. We are in the process of providing home Oxygen Concentrator Machines service for the needy people which will start in the next 2 days.


We have done good publicity for the Covid Care Centre using Flex banners, UCN TV and distributing handbills in the localities.

Tej Darshan