Nagaloka, A Major Center of the Buddhist Revival in India

The Dhamma Sekhiya Course

This course provides an introduction to the most basic Buddhist teachings. It also gives students a thorough introduction in the anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) metta bhavana (Cultivation of Universal Loving Kindness) meditations, as well as devotional practices or Puja.  The approach is grounded in the basic teachings of the Nikayas/Agamas, but with an emphasis on the Bodhisattva ideal as exemplified by Dr. Ambedkar.  Through the course students will learn how to conduct basic Buddhist ceremonies and teach basic Dhamma.

Students study the major writings and thought of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on Buddhism and the social history of India.  This includes his analysis of caste discrimination and his vision for creating a caste-free society based on liberty, equality and fraternity as Buddhist values.

The course also provides a survey of the social situation in India.  This includes information on the Indian Constitution, fundamental human rights, the Indian legal system, basic principles of social work, and discrimination based on gender and caste.  Students learn how to establish a small social project and how to work in natural calamities and other situations in which Scheduled Castes and others suffer discrimination.

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