The Dhamma Sekhiya Course

The Dhamma Sekhiya Course is an 8th-month residential course conducted under the Nagarjuna Training Institute, Nagaloka, Nagpur. The objective of this course is to train youths, from all over India, for making the Prabuddha Bharat envisioned by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. This course provides an introduction to the most basic Buddhist teachings including meditation such as the Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing), Metta Bhavana (Cultivation of Universal Loving Kindness), as well as devotional practices or Puja with scientific and rational meaning.  The approach is grounded in the basic teachings of the Nikayas/Agamas, but with an emphasis on the Bodhisattva ideal as exemplified by Dr. Ambedkar.  Throughout the course, students will learn how to conduct basic Buddhist ceremonies and will be able to spread the basic Dhamma teaching to develop cultural aspects in terms of making India enlighten.

The course contents the major writings, speeches, and thoughts of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on Buddhism and the social/ Buddhist history of India.  This includes his analysis of the annihilation of caste and his vision for creating a caste-free society based on the four principles of liberty, equality, fraternity, and justice based on Buddhist values.

As we know that due to the unprecedented calamity of Covid-19 lead nationwide lockdown, we have decided, instead of residential training, we should go with 4 months  online training this year. Therefore we started an online selection procedure for the Dhamma Sekhiya course in which we are going to select 32 candidates.

Eligibility for Online Dhammasekhiya Students:

  1. Age preferably between 18 to 50. ( exceptions can be made )
  2. The qualification must be 12th passed or equivalent.
  3. Reasonable written and verbal fluency in HINDI and ENGLISH.
  4. Students should have basic Internet knowledge and have smartphones or equivalent equipment for online classes.
  5. Students should have a strong desire to understand Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and the Buddha, practice Buddhism, as well as its social implications.

Admission Schedule:

  1. Applications are invited from 20 male and 20 female candidates from all over India.
  2. 10th Dec 2021: The last date for the submission of Online Application form
  3. 13th to 12 Dec 2021– Interview and Selection Procedure
  4. The candidates will be selected based on their Application form, entrance and interview, and their coordination with the local organisation.
  5. 22nd Dec 2021:The final selection list displayed
  6. 30th Dec 2021: Orientation Program
  7. 3rd Jan 2022: Inauguration of the 22nd Batch
  8. The course will commence on 4th Jan 2022 and conclude on the 30th  of April 2022.

Code of conduct:

  1. Trainees should participate in all the online program activities, eg. Web room teaching, group discussion, presentations, etc. The classes will be every day from 10. 00 am. to 1.00  pm. except Sunday.
  2. Trainees should give up bad habits, eg. Chewing tobacco, smoking, taking alcohol, etc.
  3. Trainees should have to stay for the whole period of the course. If you need any leaves at Emergency, he or she must have prior consideration from the Authority.
  4. During the whole period of course the trainee should keep in contact with one Ex-trainee/Alumni as his/her mentor from the respective States.