One month Online Empowerment Course for Nagarjuna Training Institute’s Alumnis.

Dhammasekhiya Leadership Training program is aimed

  • to develop the abilities of alumni those are working in the field or have interest for the same
  • to enhance their talents and how to implement in the field
  • to deepen their Dhamma practice in day to day life
  • to inform various tools that will help during challenging situations
  • to understand  social work as Compassion in action

Why is the need for this training?

  • Though we are doing so many things, but most of the time we are not doing in a skillful way or effective way; so we could not achieve the result as our expectation.
  • Need to create leaders for leading the society.
  • Need to coordinate effectively with state alumni for enhancing alumni network

For whom is this training designed for?

  • Those who are working in Dhammaduta project
  • Any alumni having interest or working in the field
  • Current Dhammasekhiya students can participate as it will be commenced after the completion of their course

What will be the duration of this training?

  • As alumni are busy with their personal works also, so it is not possible for a long term training.
  • The training will be of 4 weeks from the 2nd week of January 2021 to the 2nd week of February 2021
  • And there will be another 2 trainings before August 2021.

What major topics will be covered in this training?

  • Leadership and management.
  • Understanding the importance of sound health and vigorous mind.
  • Understanding problems and root cause and the way forward.
  • Social work and the Buddhist approach.
  • Basic human rights ( from Constitution ).
  • Fundamental laws.
  • Practicing awareness during field work.
  • Effective Communication skill.
  • Mind reactive and creative.
  • Action of Metta.

Other information’s:

  • Training will be online conducted through Zoom.
  • Format will be LDP- (Lecture, Discussion and Presentation).
  • Weekly about 6 classes of 3 hours session each.
  • There could be flexibility according to the faculty training structure.
  • Online admission forms will be out soon in Nagaloka and NTI’s website.
  • Final selection will be done after going through interview process.