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Dr Ambedkar Mahaparinirvana Day

Dr.Ambedkar Mahaparinirvana Day was held on 6th December 2017 at Nagaloka. It was facilitated by Vivekaratna and the master of ceremonies was Asangavajra. The Purpose of the activity was to remind us of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s great contribution to the Nation. Around 160 people participated, 70 men and 90 women. Vivekaratna gave a talk on Ambedkar’s great contribution. He explained Ambedkar’s special contributions to Indian Society in pointwise order.

  • Everyone should contribute to our society, especially those in the political field
  • There are so many people who do not understand what they can contribute; such people should participate in the realization of Ambedkar’s vision.
  • We all need to prepare ourselves to spread Ambedkar’s vision far and wide to create an Enlightened India.

The students were inspired after hearing Vivekaratna talk about Dr Ambedkar’s great contribution to the nation. All the students were motivated to spread his vision. The local people too who were attending the program were inspired to come forward and support our activities. It was a good opportunity for all to hear a great talk. It was decided to organize talks of this kind at district level so that the great message can be passed on to every community.