Weekend Chinese Class at Nagaloka

Chinese language classes have been conducted in Nagaloka, Nagpur since 2012. Mainly it had been taught to the students of Nagarjuna Training Institute till last year. But now the benefit is avail to all those have passion for learning Chinese language. An elementary Chinese course is designed of 3 months duration and aimed to be comfort and fun for the teenagers and youngsters. The classes are conducted by most talented trainers, those have studied in China and Taiwan.

Last batch was run from 1st April to 30th June 2019. Twelve students joined in this batch. Most of the students were from Nagpur and all having a great interest for learning Chinese. Mostly classes were conducted in Saturday and Sunday evenings and trained by Sushant. Sushant has been studied in Taiwan and having a fantastic quality of teaching Chinese language with a long experience.

           The teachings items were included were,

Ø  Introduction

Ø  Pinyin system

Ø  Zhuyin system

Ø  Characters

Ø  Radicals

Ø  Tone system

Ø  Numbers

Ø  Everyday conversations

Ø  Rhymes

Ø  Poems

Ø  Songs