Ration Kit Distribution at Nagpur

Ration Kit Distribution at Nagpur

Nagaloka Relief work report: 1st to 5th June 2021

Ration Kit distribution was done in various localities in Nagpur. COVID Relief Team from Nagaloka, behalf of them Nagamitra and with the help of women social project team members supported this relief work. Madhuri was coordinator and members were helping

The Localities:

Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, Nagpur – 57 families
Dhammdeep Nagar, Nagpur -50 families
Pili Nadi, Nagpur -51 families
Kasturba Nagar, Nagpur -58 families
Rama Nagar, Kamptee -57 families
Kamgar Nagar, Kamptee -60 families
Ramgarh, Kamptee -50 families

Total Beneficiaries:  383 families (approximate 1200 people)

Team Members:  Madhuri, Nagamitra, Sharda , Jyoti, Lata and  Nagaloka team members

Brief report:

First of all, survey was conducted with the help of Balwadi (Kindergarten) teachers from the above localities.

The criteria for selection were, first of all, those who were affected by COVID, who lost their parents and relatives, who were in isolation, then people who lost their bread and butter because of couldn’t reach to earn money, then orphans, handicapped, mentally retired and old who were not been cared. There widows and who had lost their wife as well, old people whose children aren’t with them, living their life with begging, but due to this lockdown situation they were in very difficult situation. Some were mentally retired people, who were unable to speak, they were also identified with these teachers and reached out for their need to be fulfilled. Those who were handicapped, lost their limbs in an accident or by birth, in this lockdown situation completely lost their hopes. Some widows and men who lost their wife’s finding to look after their children and they to benefits by our helpful need. Most dangerous situation was affected people by this COVID, they were in home after recovering, but still people and relatives were avoiding to meet them and mentally they were very much in depression, where some of us helped them by communicating and supporting them.

Due to our relief activities many people were benefited. Some people those who were in isolation, they were in need of medicine, Our team also helped them for medicine too on personal behalf.

There were people from all caste and creed, so no discrimination, our relief reached to the bottom of society. In all those above areas, there extremely needy with those criteria, they went place to place and house to house and given the relief kits.


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