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Ration Distribution at JodhpurNagaloka – Manuski Relief Work

Volunteer’s Name: Pradeep Kumar kardam
Report Date: 12 June 2021
Location of Work: Jodhpur
State: Rajasthan
Team Members involved: Priya Bauddh,Nilam Bauddh, Nicky Bauddh, Ashok Bauddh, Haresh Bauddh, Himansu Bauddh

Total Beneficiaries Families: 75
Total Beneficiaries People: 375
Beneficiaries Details: Daily wages labour, rag picker

Work details: I am Priya Bauddh from Rajasthan. I am a 16th batch student of Nagaloka. I did survey at Jodhpur Rajasthan where a number of Daily wages labour, rag picker and people who are living in slums were in extreme need of life necessity like dry ration. As some of volunteers from my team were familiar about the situation of the needy. So we reached out those who were are in distress and genuine needy. I along with volunteers provided them dry ration which we received from the Manuski, a Pune based organisation. The beneficiaries who received ration expressed their gratitude to Manuski.

During relief work, there were a number of people who were also in great need because since lockdown has been continuing for longer time, whatever they have had lasted and they had been surviving with toughest. Although we have tried reaching out the poorer among the poor but still several people are in need. We felt sad when we did not support many of them because we have limited ration kits and people were a lot. In the slum, we faced difficulties in distribution however we can understand it happens when we go for slum for the relief work as almost all are required the ration.


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