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Ration Kit distribution at Nizamabad-TelanganaNagaloka – Manuski Relief Work

Volunteer’s Name: Y Rahul
Report Date: 19 July 2021
Location of Work: Nizamabad
State: Telangana
Team Members involved: Rahul, Lakhan

Total Beneficiaries Families: 50
Total Beneficiaries People: 250
Beneficiaries Details: Daly wagers, slum area, Scheduled caste community

Work details: We had always enjoyed the tremendous support and Motivation from Nagaloka and Manuski thought the Nagaloka covid 19 relief work and Manuski relief work. We extend my sincere thanks to Manuski team and Nagaloka team whos need and help has fulfilled the dreams of many poor and POP poorest of poor, after receiving the call from the vendor We have collected the ration kit and started the distribution for the needy people I believe our combined efforts and mutual understanding had exhibited us as a natural counterpart in both social work and Dhamma Practices, which shows the compassion in action and social activism, while the distribution of the ration kit the beneficiaries are surprised by seeing us after a long time they think that this fellow will not come after collecting the data form them, but when we have visited the house with ration kit they really surprise, and shock and we have distributed the ration kit. most of the community people don’t have a one-time meal which is so distressing, even the government is providing alternative sustainability to the poor families neither they are providing the livelihood.

well it was pleasant and blessed by the beneficiary’s after arriving at the location with all the ration kit’s and they really felt very happy and pleasant after watching our groceries. There is no kind of income resources to them, due to the lockdown. Many did went for the search of the daily wage work, but they didn’t found.

During the distribution, the crowd was very huge because no one has the job and livelihood, other people who were not registered were trying to come in the line but we requested them for the second session we will look after. The beneficiaries are very thanked full to Nagaloka and Manuski for the kind support.


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