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Ration Kit distribution at Nagpur by Nagaloka and Flight India teamNagaloka – Manuski Relief Work

This is a report of relief kits distribution in the month of July 2021 ( work with Flight India, Miss Kavita Dambhare).

The work was going on since last March or April again, as we have done last year in this difficult time for the most needy people.

This time again, we have done it, but this time, we got request from the organisation name is Flight India, run by Miss Kavita Dambhare who has given almost 242 numbers list with all the details of localities and their details.

It was well surveyed and each area there were her some members who made the list if needy and vulnerable people.

Nagamitra was companying fully with her in all the localities, going in each localities, while giving the kit of ration, we have made the kit of 16 items. (1. Wheat 5kg.,2.Rice 5kg.,Toor dal 1kg.,Moong dal 1 kg.,Barbati 1 kg., oil 1 litre, Mirchi powder, Haldi, Dhaniya,Masala, Khada masala, two soaps, besan, soya badi, Tata namak.) We made it like this and reached to all those area.
With Flight India we covered almost 12 areas. We have get printed, bags, banners and distributed it. Almost 250 kits we have distributed.
Areas were
1. Hingna 36, 2.  Kumbhar toli 51, 3. Bajrang Nagar, Kailas Nagar, Gyaneshwar Nagar. 60, 4. Gujjar wadi, model mill slum 35. 5. Shanti Nagar,50.

In these localities, she had surveyed first and make the list for extremely needy people, many more were affected with corona, also suffering with this pandemic, lost the jobs, illness and loneliness is almost damaging peoples life.

Some of the men and women couldn’t find out any sources to look after their children.

Work with Shramanmitra
Date 15th July
We have started till 25th July.
Shramanmitra always having big list of needy people, as he has been working fully with this work by many other means.
We have requested him to make only handicapped people’s list who are in the age above 50-60. He made it that all nearly 300 people. He also made lots of surveyed in localities, he visited personally, he interviewed people thoroughly and get all the details from the people. Some of the time Nagamitra accompany him in the survey.

We both have covered many localities. We distributed 300 food kits.

1. Bagadganj 2., Juna Bagadganj, 3. Lakkad ganj,4 Lakadganj community hall., 5.Panchashil Nagar,6. Panchashil nagar( Adarsh Nagar),7. Vaishali nagar, 8. Vaishali Nagar chowk, 9. Panchpaoli, 10. Pili Nadi, 11. Shashtri Nagar Vihar, 12. Shakyamuni vihar Shastri Nagar, 13. Sugat Baudh vihar, garoba maidan, 14. Hirvi nagar, 15. Padole Nagar, 16. Jaibheem Nagar, 17, Pardi, 18, Kalumna market area, 19.Tathagat Buddha vihar, 20. Shanti nagar.

In these localities we have distributed 300 kits just with handicapped, mentally retired and vulnerable families. People were blind, lost their limps ( hands,legs) those who were beggers, homeless and mentally retired people.

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