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Ration Distribution for daily wagers at Changlang, Arunachal PradeshNagaloka – Manuski Relief Work

Field Work Report:

Volunteer’s Name: Basudev Chakma
Team Members involved: Bashudev Chakma, Pathar Moni Chakma and Sukro Kumar Chakma
Report Date: 2 Oct 2021
Location of Work: Bijoypur – II , Bordumsa ,Changlang-792056, Arunachal Pradesh
State: Arunachal Pradesh

Total Beneficiaries Families: 101
Total Beneficiaries People: 518
Beneficiaries Details: The beneficiaries are the Daily wages worker, widow’s very poor families. There is two village in Bijoypur-II. We have selected the needy families from both villages. We had selected 101 needy families from both villages. The people who are not enough agricultural land they are depend of daily Labor work. Many young people migrate to other cities of job but due to continue Lock Down they come back to their home and cannot go for work to earning. We are also trying to help the widow women in the villages. Some families are very poor so we also help them as much as possible. In this days more than 50% of the youth migrate to other state of job but now a days it is not possible to go for job because of continue Lockdown due to Covid-19. Many families were suffering with this disease. People are unaware about using Face Mask, Sanitizer and Social Distancing. So our team is trying to help families also.

Work details: Bijoypur-II is divided in four villages parts, we have distributed in two villages. We had to purchase all ration from Diyun. We had requested to village people to help while packing the ration Kits. The village people are very supportive and they help us in loading and unloading. Most of the Packing is done by the village people under the guidance of our team. In the Morning sift we have made all ration kits packing and Start Distribution at 2 PM.
We have invite the all the two village beneficiaries in the Buddha Vihar of village where we arrange for distribution. We have given a time of 2 p.m. to gather all beneficiaries at the place where we arrange for Distribution. We use handy Mike to given instruction to the beneficiaries. Most of the beneficiaries were come on time and some were late. First we had distribute Face mask those who were come without mask. It was very difficult to handle the people. Secondly we had given self-introduction and information about our organization Nagaloka and Manuski and relief work. Third a person have given both of thanks for our Team and Nagaloka and Manuski organization for our noble Work. They also appreciate our work. Fourth we did distribution ration kits on by one to the beneficiaries according to our list. We have keep a person only for photography of distribution work. After receiving kits beneficiaries leave the distribution place one by one. There we more families come for ration kits. But we do not have more extra kits.

The beneficiaries and the village people is very happy and given thank to Nagaloka – Manuski organization and our team. Each an every work they help us to do our Distribution work properly and systematically. Village people are appreciate our work. No ration has been distribution to the needy families this year.

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