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Celebrate Bahujan Hitaya Bahujan Sukhaya Day 2015

Thousands of people from Nagpur and nearby districts visited Nagaloka to celebrate Bahujan Hitaya Bahujan Sukhaya Day, otherwise known as Sangha Day, on 25th November, 2015 in honour of the Buddha Sangha, the Buddhist spiritual community. Dhammachari Lokamitra presided over the ceremony. The three distinguished academicians, Professor Savi Sawarkar (University of Delhi), Professor Aloysius (Pondicherry University) and Dhammachari Maitrivir Nagarjuna (English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad) were invited to speak on this occasion with Dhammachari Maitreyanath as Master of Ceremonies.

Professor Aloysius gave a talk on “Breaking down Barriers of Inequality”. He opined that the world is suffering from pain and the main cause of pain or suffering is discrimination because of religion, language, caste, creed etc. This discrimination is spreading and growing in the Indian society. The only way to change this is to make Dhamma as universal based on knowledge, loving kindness and purity of action. Professor Sawarkar’s talk was on “Dhamma as Empowerment” in which he stated that Dhamma is a platform of reconstruction. He emphasised on the transformation of mind through art and culture, and the importance of art in Dhamma revolution. Dhammachari Maitrivir Nagarjuna explained the significance of Sangha Day (the day of fraternity). He initiated his speech by explaining Dhamma as governance based on the value of equality, liberty and fraternity and social transformation through Sangha.

Dhammachari Lokamitra speech was focused on Dr. Ambedkar’s ideal society based on liberty, equality and fraternity. Recounting the mass conversion of Buddhism by Dr. Ambedkar in Nagpur, Lokamitra stated that Babasaheb’s expression of Dhamma in these three words – liberty, equality, and fraternity is the essence of Dhamma Revolution and constituted a new turning of the Wheel of the Dhamma,or Dhammachakra pravartan. He said that the key to freedom of mind is cultivation of awareness. Further, he added the essence of sangha, the essence of democracy and equivalent of fraternity is maîtri. He concluded with the key point on keeping the wheel of Dhamma revolving and never let it get stuck.

On this special day, Nagaloka also offered lunch to nearly 1000 visitors. Later in afternoon, nearly 250 Dhammamitras gathered to reaffirm their commitment to Buddhist practices and traditions. The ceremony was led by Dhammachari Vivekratna and supported by Dhammacharini Jayakirti.