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Buddha Jayanti 2017

This program was held on 10th May 2017 at Nagaloka to celebrate Lord Buddha’s birth anniversary. It was facilitated by Vivekaratna. Its purpose was to recollect the circumstances of Siddharth’s birth and search for truth. There were 600 participants, 338 women and 262 men. Dh. Manidhamma spoke under four headings of the significance of Siddhartha’s quest for Enlightenment:

  • Siddhartha’s struggle to discern truth
  • Four symbols in Siddhartha’s life
  • How Siddhartha struggled to understand truth, and his victory
  • How it is most important to practice Dhamma principles.

In this talk many new people were inspired to learn how to practice the Dhamma in their day to day life. They also understood that everyone can achieve spiritual development if only they practice constantly.