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Ashoka Vijayadashami 2017

NagalokaThe Ashoka Vijayadashami programme was held on 30th September 2017. Its purpose was to gather a great mass of Ambedkarite and Buddhist followers at an international level. The program was facilitated by Dh.Lokamitra and the master of ceremonies was Dh.Maitryanath. There were about 1100 people participating, 620 women and 480 men. Everybody was involved in a reporting-in session which was useful to get to know other people and their work. After the reporting-in session we had great talks on Dr Ambedkar and Lord Buddha by different scholars like Dr.Yo, by Dr.Dhava, an artist, and one of the bhikkhus from Korea. It  was an extremely inspirational talk and everyone was moved. After the program the Nagaloka Team and Trustee members decided to have this kind of program every year. It will help to develop our society through these talks.